2009 Rocky River IBA Summary


2009 WCAS speakouts:

In 2009, Stan Searles and Tom Romito found outstanding audiences in local Kiwanis Clubs to make presentations about the Rocky River IBA project and WCAS in general.  What made Kiwanis Clubs so great was that the Ohio Kiwanis Club organization contacted the clubs in Greater Cleveland at our request to let them know about our interest in speaking to them.  Following is a list of Kiwanis Clubs who contacted us and to whom we subsequently made presentations:



  • Tuesday, March 10 North Royalton Kiwanis Club (Stan and Tom).

  •  Monday, March 23 Rocky River Kiwanis Club (Tom).

  •  Wednesday, April 1 Parma Heights Kiwanis Club (Tom).

  •  Monday, May 11 Independence Kiwanis Club (Stan and Tom).


Distance testing
All the observers must take a distance gauging test as well as bird identification test Penny O'Connor

Henry taking distance test
Henry taking distance test Penny O'Connor

Great Egret at Rocky River nature Center
Great Egret at Rocky River Nature Center 9 Penny O'Connor

We always have good food at the training Penny O'Connor

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