Western Cuyahoga Audubon Society

Conflict of Interest Policy

The Western Cuyahoga Audubon Society (hereafter the Society), its affiliates, and components, and all Officers, Directors, Committee Chairs, and Committee members scrupulously shall avoid any conflict between their own respective personal, professional or business interests and the interests of the Society, in any and all actions taken by them on behalf of the Society in their respective capacities.

In the event that any Officer, Director,  Committee Chair, or even Committee member of the Society shall have any direct or indirect interest in, or relationship with, any individual or organization which proposes to enter into any transaction with the Society, including but not limited to transactions involving:

a.        the sale, purchase, lease or rental of any property or other asset;

b.        employment, or rendition of services, personal or otherwise;

c.         the award of any grant, contract, or subcontract;

d.        the investment or deposit of any funds of the Society;

such person shall give notice of such interest or relationship and shall thereafter refrain from discussing or voting on the particular transaction in which he has an interest, or otherwise attempting to exert any influence on the Society, or its components to affect a decision to participate or not participate in such transaction.





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