WCAS's Goals

We have the following chapter goals and actions to support them:

  1. To promote the Rocky River watershed as a natural habitat and Important Bird Area by encouraging more members to bird there.

  2. To increase chapter-generated membership growth by 100 or more by conducting membership drives and encouraging current members to give gifts of memberships to people in our area

  3. To increase member involvement by providing educational, interesting and fun programs, field trips and other events.

  4. To increase our educational outreach where economically feasible by increasing the number of schools that participate in the Audubon Adventures program for elementary students

It takes more than a few people to accomplish the chapter's goals. If you can help in any way, we would appreciate your help. Small efforts like bringing cookies to a meeting, leading a field trip, helping out-at-a meet-the-public event, or volunteering to drive someone else to a meeting or other event make a big difference and don't require too much time. Please invest in the future of Western Cuyahoga Audubon Society any way you can.

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